Asparagus Cart

The GVF Asparagus Picking Cart boasts a rugged tube frame built to last for many years. Yet, this cart is light and nimble making it easy to maneuver. 

Standard Features Include: 

  • Rugged tube frame construction.
  • Light and easy to maneuver.
  • Built for easy maintenance.
  • External fuel and oil tanks with screens in filler caps and drains in the bottom of the tanks.
  • Fuel system has inline 10 micron filter to prevent contamination.
  • Kawasaki 16.4 HP air cooled engine.
  • Speed: 0 to 9 MPH
  • Built in catch pan with drain plugs under the engine and hydraulic system to catch any possible leaks.
  • Overhead canopy over the driver with integrated storage.
  • Driver’s seat is padded and fully adjustable - up and down, front and back.
  • Raised front axle allows for good visibility while picking.
  • Lots of storage for lugs.
  • Custom options are available including the add-on of the GVF Work Platform.
  • The wings can be folded up for transporting the machine.
  • Adjustable gauge wheel.
  • Seat cushions for each picker.
  • Adjustable feet stirrups.
  • Sun-shade overhead.
Hydraulic System 
  • These features come standard to provide you with years of use. 
  • Hydrostatic drive with closed loop axial piston pump mechanically controlled. 
  • Wheel motors - radial piston with integral park brake.
  • Hydraulic filter
  • Oil cooler
  • Hot oil shuttle to keep closed loop cool and supplied with fresh oil.

Designed with ease of maintenance in mind.  

  • All pivot points are accessible for quick greasing.
  • Steering system incorporates DX bushings and can be easily taken apart for maintenance.

GVF Asparagus Cart in a field 

GVF Asparagus Cart


GVF Asparagus Cart has good ground clearance.

GVF Asparagus Cart in a field

Sun-shade frames fold down, wings get lifted up for transport.

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