Gillison’s thinks outside the bin!

We are creative collaborators. We’ve worked with so many customers, solving unique problems over the years, that we know how to think outside the bin. Our history of innovation began in 1977 when engineers from Michigan State University asked Ron Gillison to build a safer hedger for pruning fruit trees. Since then, Gillison’s has patented a unique machine for analyzing soil and root samples, designed many pieces of agriculture equipment that are found nowhere else, and has been awarded the Michigan State Horticultural Society’s top award for service to the industry.

Gillison’s experience is your solution.

We’ve shipped our products all over America and to 70 countries worldwide. We’ve designed mission-specific equipment for such diverse tasks as cutting coffee in Hawaii to harvesting pinecones for reforestation in British Columbia. Our years and breadth of experience mean combining brain power with engine power to make your operation more successful. Call us today.