Sonic Spray

Use at least 25% less spray material.

The GVF Sonic Spray will save you money by cutting down on the amount of spray material required simply by turning off the application of spray when no tree is present. How does it work? The Tree Detection System on the GVF Sonic Spray uses 6 high speed, short interval, ultrasonic sensors to locate trees.  Once the tree(s) is located a signal is sent to the CAN based micro controller.  That signal contains information from the ultrasonics and other inputs such as ground speed and operator inputs. The control then processes the information concerning the tree and turns on and off the spray valves at exactly the right time. Speed is corrected in real time to ensure accurate spray application to the tree.  This entire process is completed in just a few milliseconds. Speaking of time, Sonic Spray can save you some of that too.  Sonic Spray greatly decreases the amount of spray material used, which means you fill up less and travel longer.
The Operator Interface
The Sonic Spray features a very easy to learn, user friendly, screen based operator interface. Operation of the Sonic Spray is simple to comprehend after the first use. This eliminates the need for constant relearning or retraining. The interface is CAN linked to the control to eliminate large cables in and out of the tractor cab. All settings can be adjusted on the go. It shows status of sensors, valves, ground speed and diagnostics all from the display.